What have clients been saying?


Legal Professional

I worked with Priscilla at a time of transition in my life when I was finishing my job at one company and starting a new one with a much larger organization. I wanted to address old habits and develop new ones. I felt that Priscilla could really understand my desire for a good balance between my work and personal life.

Priscilla did not just give me answers. She was very skilled at getting me to see a new perspective and define my own goals, as well as identify any barriers to the goals. I have to admit it was hard work to do so much internal reflection instead of being spoon fed some instant tips, but it was worth the effort because the outcome was more personal and therefore more achievable.

Priscilla kept me accountable as I developed skills to manage my own and others’ expectations, work better with different types of personalities, have the confidence to say no and protect my own boundaries, have difficult talks with others, prioritise my work and make efficient use of my time. Through developing these skills, I felt I had much more control over my life despite challenges in my work and personal life.

I would recommend Priscilla if you are looking for a coach to help you be more effective and efficient, face a challenging situation or a time of transition, prioritise tasks that you have been putting off or deal with your “too hard basket”.


Finance Professional

Before coaching I was a bit confused about my contradictory beliefs and paid too much attention of what others think about me. Coaching helped me to process my thoughts logically and make more sensible decisions. Priscilla is very good at assessing different situations objectively and offer constructive feedback to a client. She is also very patient in listening and guiding a client step by step to draw their own conclusions. Priscilla helped me to analyze the situation professionally from another perspective and from a wider angle which by myself might not be easy to achieve. Also, ideas are often prone with biases and blind spots, having a coach helped me to fine tune my judgment objectively and logically. After coaching I am more clear and confident about my direction.



Before coaching, I was drifting in a grey mass, I was not able to set my goals clearly even though I knew changes were needed. At a certain moment a friend of mine recommended life coaching, I was puzzled since I had no idea what was he taking about. Well, I simply gave it a try.

It feels great after coaching, you know more about yourself, you know better how to answer your own questions and get your own right answers, you are energized and ready to reach out to all new opportunities.

I feel like I managed to come out of my grey cave, I saw a rainbow and a rocket awaiting for me. It is simple, yet sometimes we are lost and we can’t see all these in front of our faces. Thanks Priscilla for your help!

I would recommend Priscilla as a coach as she is full of positive energy and she has a brilliant way of asking questions till you hear your own answers. Simply amazing.


Health Care Professional in training

When I met Priscilla, I had lived in Asia for a few years and had tried several different industries, but simply could not seem to settle on a career that had suited me. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I came to Priscilla at a time where I had not known what I wanted in life, nor what direction I wanted to head to.

Therefore, I had one simple goal when we first met, and that was to find a goal for my life.

Every session with Priscilla was not only encouraging and uplifting, but had also forced me to look inward into myself and thoroughly evaluate my values and determine where they match up with my goals. Priscilla walked me through the entire process and had encouraged me every step of the way.

Priscilla had always asked critical questions about myself that require me to look beyond the surface and encouraged me to make my decisions and evaluations based on my core beliefs and values. Through this approach, it had helped me to not only find a career that I am passionate about, but also a goal that is fitting to my values and my identity. Priscilla had seemed to always be able to ask the right questions to change my perspective about myself that was needed to help move forward. Her insight had always helped me move forward.

I had originally approached Priscilla only wishing to discover a career that I can devote myself to, but in the process I have also discovered my core values, who I am as a person, my passions and a conviction to take full responsibility for the actions I take in my life.


Airline Professional

Priscilla is an expert at helping others create positive change in their lives. She has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. She helped me create a strategy to translate my vision into reality. I appreciate her helping me get clarity of my life purpose and giving me a self-discovery journey. It has been a beautiful few months’ journey to discover my values and purpose, and knowing myself more fully allows me to move forward with confidence in what I was born to do.


Training Professional

Priscilla stood out from other coaches, as I feel perfectly safe to share with her my deeper thoughts.  She showed undivided attention during conversations, and asked sensible questions leading to high-value awareness. Every coaching session provided me with greater clarity in thoughts and I was energized to exert my efforts into the few action steps that we agreed upon. I could see my life progressing, with an accelerated speed.  Without Priscilla’s professional coaching efforts, I would not be able to enjoy life as much as I could have now.


Property Investment Professional

I wanted to find someone who I trust and who was honest. I knew immediately that I had found this person in Priscilla to coach and help me to pinpoint the values in life.

Priscilla was clear in everything she said and did and continuously asked me inspirational questions to help me achieve my goals I had set. She is a great listener and is able to develop you. This was the art of Priscilla and her coaching skills. I would definitely recommend Priscilla to anyone who is looking for a coach.


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