Why this could be one of the most important decisions you make

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership, a thought-provoking and creative process that moves you to your desired future.

Coaching is conversation that moves you forward.

With coaching, you get to:

  • Discover more of WHO you are, determine WHAT to achieve, and design HOW to get there.

  • Find new awareness, options, and solutions you wouldn’t think of on your own.

  • Have full responsibility and ownership for your choices and actions.

Coaching works because it honors you as the expert in your own life.  You are valued as capable, resourceful, and whole.

How Do I Coach?

I coach to help you thrive, not just survive.

My role is to move you forward in greater CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COURAGE to pursue your vision in work and life.

I help you be explicit about the outcomes you want, determine your priorities for action, and achieve results in line with those outcomes.

I offer skillful listening, observations, and feedback; cheering for and challenging you.

I coach in 3 main areas: Career, Life, and Personal Leadership.

CAREER: ``Career Chiropractor``

I help to align what you do with who you are – your strengths, values, passions, and aspirations of who you want to be. To give you the clarity you need to make your career choices and decisions. To find a healthy balance between work and life. To bring out the “work that fits you” so you can enjoy what you do and produce your best work without distractions.

LIFE: Change Agent

I help you make changes that are too big and too hard to do on your own. Whether it’s a stretch goal, a new opportunity, project, or a challenge, you are willing to work hard for it and are tired of accepting the status-quo. I help you to reach those goals, conquer your fears, and realize the real change you desire, not just short-lived change, with the power of accountability.

LEADERSHIP: Bridge Builder

I partner with professionals and leaders like you to achieve your work and life vision. “Without action, a vision is just a daydream.” We act and build the bridge towards your success; fill in the gaps of any knowledge, skill, or resources; expand your personal and professional leadership capacity; and leverage your strengths and opportunities to make your vision a reality.

Why Work With Me?

I am passionate about investing in people.

As a coach, I challenge my clients to be their personal best, and all they can be.

I believe in your potential.

I believe you were created for a purpose, and that you have a purpose and a role wherever you are at. I help you to understand what it is. I know you can fulfill your potential faster with someone believing in you.

I care about who you are, not just what you do.

There are many who care about the title you carry, the money you make, and how you perform for them. While these can be great, they do not fully define you. I help you make decisions that go beyond the external to the internal factors that do define you.

I take a long view; I am growth-oriented.

Who you become will define the legacy you leave behind, and influence and impact the people around you. I am vested in your personal and professional growth to help you achieve the legacy you desire.

I am a professionally trained and accredited coach.

I am professionally trained with a leading international coach-trainig provider, Coach U, and an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation. I abide by the ethics of the profession.

I can coach from a worldview of the Christian faith.

If this worldview is important to you, we can include this dimension into our coaching. If it is not important to you, I fully respect your choice.


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